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Environmental Printing

Reducing our ecological footprint is something we take seriously, which can be a savings to you in more ways than one.

ReproMagic uses sustainable sourcing tactics in all aspects of our business practices whenever possible.

How You Can Help

Buy ecologically preferable paper, with high post-consumer recycled content, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Research supports that recycled paper can have the same quality as paper made without recycled content, and exhibit a strong performance.

Responsible paper sourcing should have a mix of the following:

Select paper that consists of at least 50% Tree Free Content and has fibers that are generally burned or wasted in other ways (e.g., banana stalks; recovered cotton; coffee bean residues; and other types of agricultural or manufacturing remainders).

If you prefer a paper, that’s not entirely tree-free, consider one that makes up the difference with post-consumer waste (PCW).

If a paper’s been bleached, choose one that’s labeled as TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) or PCF (Process Chlorine Free).

Look for paper fibers that are grown and processed near you. This can cut down on transit and environmental costs. For example, California produces 2 million metric tons (MMT) of rice each year. Enormous amounts of rice straw is a by-product. Traditionally, rice straw is burned or sent to a landfill. However, since California’s air quality isn’t the greatest, the state phased out burning rice straw by promoting its use in paper.

Custom Packaging

Plastic and foam can be turned into fully functional, cost-efficient vehicles. We offer:

  • FSC certified materials
  • Molded Fiber
  • PaperFoam®
  • FDA certified microwavable containers, with fully biodegradable solutions that prevent the ingress of fluids.

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